Rise of the Machines

Today after kindergarten, William was telling me his school hasn’t been asking for his lunch number recently like they did in summer school, they’ve just been asking for his name. He said he remembered his lunch code though, and proceeded to recite it for me.

I was very impressed he still remembered it, since it’s been about a month and a half since he used it! I profusely expressed that I was impressed at his memory.

He said he had the numbers in his computer, and I said, “You have them in memorized, don’t you?”

He says, “Well, I have them in my brain, and my brain is like a computer now cuz it’s learning more stuff, even more than I expected!”

HAHA! Too true!


What Wrestlers Do

William likes to pillow fight with Daddy and wrestle on our bed with me.

Alas, whilst wrestling I just can’t resist giving him kisses. I mean, if I “tackle” him and have him there in my arms, how can I not take a few seconds to shower him with kisses?

This past weekend we were having one such wrestling match and he was really getting fed up with all my kisses. “Stop kissing!” he yelled.

“I’m sorry I just can’t help it,” I said. “I just love you so much!”

He looks at me very seriously and says, “Look, when wrestlers wrestle, do they kiss?”

I smothered my laugh and said back, “Well, no.”

He threw up an arm in exasperation and said, “So no kissing!”

I then promised I would do my best to stop kissing him at every opportunity, LOL. His reasoning was especially funny though because he’s never actually watched any wrestling, so I’m not entirely sure how he knew there was no kissing in wrestling. Hrmmm …

Always Learning

The other day I was drinking a Mountain Dew.

William saw it and said, “What is that drink?”
I said, “It’s called Mountain Dew. It’s really bad for you but sometimes it helps mommy’s headaches so I’m drinking it now.”
Then William just says, “… Interesting.”


Natural Explorer

This past weekend it was 100 degrees Fahrenheit with at least 90% humidity.

I wanted to take William somewhere fun outdoors, but in the morning, before the temp crawled higher than 80.

Well, things didn’t really go according to plan, and the day had definitely heated up before we were even remotely ready to leave the house.  Having already mentioned several outdoor options, one of which was Powell Gardens, I made the alternative suggestion of having a family movie day.

Nope, William still wanted to go to Powell Gardens!  In fact, he was soooo excited about it, he talked about it all day.

“But it’s so hot!” I told him.  “And we could get popcorn and bubbles (aka soda, in the form of Sprite) at the movie!”

Not even the bribe could dissuade him.  Powell Gardens it would be.

Later, after sweating buckets for a few hours under the scorching sun, but surrounded by trees and bronze animal sculptures and a million flowers of every color, meandering down rows of veggies and fruits, and then watching him squeal and laugh as he ran through the splash pad fountain, I thought, “Wow.  My kid would rather be outside playing and sweating than go to a movie in the A/C and sit on his butt!”

Gave me a strange sense of maternal pride, that one! 

And in the end the outdoor adventure, while very hot, was most definitely more fun than any movie.



Something’s Lost and Must Be Found!

Several weeks back I forgot to replace my work phone’s headset on it’s charger, and so the next morning as I was scrambling to find it, I couldn’t remember where I had put it!

William noticed me frantically looking around all over the house and asked me what I was looking for.  I told him I was trying to find my work phone’s headset and that I couldn’t remember where it was, but that I needed it very soon for work.

He immediately began to help me search, and as the minutes wore on and I became increasingly more frustrated, he says, very calmly and in a very good imitation of what I must sound like to him when he can’t find his toy: “Don’t worry, Momma. Gotta be around here somewhere!”

So sweet!!! And as it turns out, we found it shortly after!  What a helpful little guy!


Leaving MeeMaw’s house this evening, William observed the moon and pointed it out to me. I pointed out that it looked like a smiley face tonight. He thought that was amusing, and as we drove away from MeeMaw’s house, he observed that the moon was “following” him, as he often does.

This prompted the start of a discussion between Daddy and Mommy about coalescence and molten cores and the spheroid shape of celestial bodies, lol. As we were talking about this, we started getting a little excited and our voices began to get louder and louder.

Suddenly, from the back seat, William says, “Listen, listen! Calm down, calm down.”

When we had fallen silent and were attempting to wrestle our snickers under control, William continues, “What you guys talking about? Supposed to be a big moon or what?”

OMG. Couldn’t believe it! The fact he connected the discussion back to the moon is awesome!

What Does the Cat Say?

A few weeks ago, William and I entered my bedroom to find one of our cats, Ping Pong, fast asleep on the bed.

Now, William loves all of our animals, but not all of them love him back. Ping Pong, unfortunately, doesn’t care for him much. She runs for her life almost every time he even takes a step in her direction.

But this day, she was too asleep to notice his approach.

He was delighted, however, to see her sleeping so peacefully. He pointed at her and exclaimed, “Oh, Ping Pong! Ping Pong sleeping! William want to pet Ping Pong!” So he promptly makes his way over to her.

“Be gentle,” I reminded him, since sometimes he gets overzealous and pats them rather brusquely.

But this time he approached her slowly and quietly, and very gently began petting her on her head.

Of course she woke up at his touch, and gave him a dirty look when she realized who it was, lol. Although to my surprise she did not immediately run. As he continued to pet her, she meowed, quite loudly, in complaint.

William just laughed and said, “Kitty say, ‘Hey! I trying to sleep!'”

PAHAH! I told him that is very likely exactly what she had said.  😉