Out For a Drive

Originally Occurred: October 29th, 2013


William was driving his Little Tikes car around the kitchen while I loaded the dishwasher.  He suddenly stops and gets out and says:

“Car need gas!”

“Oh no!” I said, “You’d better fill it up!”

He opens the gas cap and sticks his finger inside and makes the “sshhhh” noise of gasoline pouring into the tank.  “All done!” he says at last, closing the cap.  “Car full!  Car say, ‘DELICIOUS!'”

“Delicious!?” I say.  “The car liked that gas, huh?”

“UH HUH!  Car happy!”  Then he got back in the car and drove off again.

So there you have it folks… always make sure your cars are happy cars.  😉




Your Daily Hug Allotment Has Been Reached… and the Case of the Missing Donuts

This morning I dropped William off at KeeKee’s house (aka, my mother-in-law’s), and he gave me a hug and a kiss before I left… however, once I started to leave, he wanted to show me something in the other room, and so then we had to say our goodbyes again.  He walked me to the front door and I asked for one last great big hug.

He shakes his head with his brows furrowed and says, “William hug momma already.”

So matter-of-factly.  Like it should have been obvious.

Well.  I didn’t know we kept track of these things!

(He also told me on the way over there that PaBoss (aka, my father-in-law) had eaten all his donuts, and that’s why there wouldn’t be any donuts at KeeKee’s house that morning!  What a naughty PaBoss!  Lol.)


Future (Time) Traveler

ORIGINALLY OCCURED: October 25th, 2013

As some of you fellow writers might know, National Novel Writing Month is right around the corner!  In preparation, I have printed off a few pictures from various sources depicting my ideas of characters and settings for my upcoming NaNo novel and hung them on the wall near my writing desk.

One such picture is of a futuristic city store front, complete with pedestrians and neon signs.  William came home from Meemaw’s today and spotted the new wall décor immediately, rushing over to it with an awe-inspired gasp.

“HOLY COW!” he said, pointing to the picture.  “William go there!”

“You want to go there?” I asked.

“UH-HUH!  Cool hotel!”

Yes, my dear William, that is one cool hotel!!!  Lol.

Football Season

ORIGINALLY OCCURED: October 26th, 2013

Soooo, William didn’t fall asleep for nap till 3pm today, and I had to wake him up about 5:15 so he didn’t sleep too long! Meemaw is having a Halloween party out at her ranch this afternoon which we had planned on going to when he woke up. But, when I told him I was going to get stuff ready and then we’d go to the party (which he was excited for earlier in the day), he said: “William too tired to go to party.” I told him he didn’t have to go if he was too tired, and he said, “William hang out at home and watch football.”


Daddy will be so proud!!!!  😉

The Power of Chocolate

ORIGINALLY OCCURED: October 25th, 2013

I was dropping him off at MeeMaw’s (aka, my mother’s) for the day, and although he’d told me to go home just a few minutes before, when I was about to leave he didn’t want me to go anymore and told me he would be sad:
Me: “You’ll be sad if momma leaves?”
Wm: Nods. “Uh huh.” Sees chocolate chip granola bar Meemaw set out for a snack. Brightens. “Uh, chocolate make William feel better!”
Me: Cracking up. “If you eat your chocolate bar, you’ll feel better about momma leaving?”
Wm: Nodding vigorously. “Uh huh!!”
So I opened the bar and gave it to him, he took a bite and nodded satisfactorily, smiling. “William feel better, momma go now.”
Now I SWEAR, I have never said that chocolate can make you feel better out loud!!!! Though I have thought it many times!

Just goes to show you…. the power of chocolate!!!!! O_o

No Good Deal

This afternoon he saw that Hans (the puppy) pooped near the back porch again, and wanted me to pick it up. I told him I would pick it up tomorrow, but he insisted I do it right then. I said, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll pick up that poopy now if you go put clothes on so we can go for a walk!” He thought for a second, and said, “Noooo. No good deal.”

I had to turn my face the other way so he couldn’t see me laughing.