Good One, Mommy!

William is excellent at knowing when he needs to go potty.

I keep his Lightning McQueen potty in his room so that at night, if he needs to go, it will be close by and he won’t have to 1) wake us up to go or 2) just decide to wet the bed.

So this morning after he pottied in his Lightning McQueen toilet, he went about happily playing in his room.  I told him I was going to go empty his potty in the big toilet, and took it to go do so.

About a minute passed – he seemed to not even know I had left.  Then he comes to the bathroom doorway and says, “Mommy empty potty?”

And I said, “Yes, I’m cleaning up your potty!”

And then he says, “Okay.  Good mommy!” and goes back to play in his room.  SO CUTE.

I had to say, “Well thank you, William!  And you are a gooooood boy!”

He says back, from his room, “Ohhhh yeah.  Good one, mommy!”

So adorable!


Tipping the Scales

Originally occurred: November 4, 2013

The other day, William wanted to weigh himself on the bathroom scale.  He stepped aboard and I read the numbers for him:

“31 pounds!  Holy cow!  You are getting so big!”

“Uh huh!” he said.  “Turdy one!”  (His version of 31.)

Then he wanted me to step on the scale.  Well, good thing he can’t really read numbers past 20, I thought, stepping on.  He looked carefully at the dial read-out and said, “Twenty-two!  Holy cow!!”


To his credit, there WAS the number 2 in there somewhere…  😉


Tonight, William was regaling me with a song about ABC’s, etc, whilst pounding on the Guitar Hero drum set downstairs.  (He was actually quite good – he may have a future in some kind of band!)  When he got bored of that, he informed me he would then like to “fight” with the drumsticks, using them as surrogate lightsabers.

We attempted this for all of thirty seconds before he whacked himself in the head (“Drumstick haarrrdd” he informed me as he rubbed the little bruise) and had thoroughly blackened my knuckles, so I finally suggested we actually go get the lightsabers to continue our fight with proper instruments.

He promptly agreed.

We ran upstairs to get the children’s-sized Force Effects lightsabers.  He grabbed them, held up the green one and told me it was green (without it being turned on).  I was impressed that he had already memorized the look of the handle to know which one was which color.  Then he held up the one that was supposed to be red and said, “This one pretend.”

I knew what he meant immediately.  “Oh, that one’s pretend because it doesn’t work?”  (There’s something wrong with it, it has new batteries and still won’t turn on, boo!)

“Uh huh,” he said, holding it out for me to have.  “This one pretend, no turn on!”

“Oh okay,” I said, “I’ll pretend it’s red.”

“Uh huh!” he said, and we thus began our epic lightsaber duel….

Obi-Wan has taught you well, my young Padawan!