Panda On Loan

As I mentioned in my previous post, I really needed a little nap this morning.  The hubby was nice enough to take over for a few hours while I caught up on some much needed shut-eye.

I told William that mommy was going to go take a nap for awhile, and that daddy would be there to play with him.  He told me I should sleep in our downstairs bedroom (where I usually take my naps) and even led me down there himself!

Then he said, “Momma sleep good!  Make William feel good when momma sleep good!”

I said, “It does?  Well that is so sweet!  What a nice boy you are!”

Then he told me to stay in the bedroom and he would be right back.

He returned a few minutes later with his favorite stuffed animal, Panda, who is unsurprisingly, a panda.  He handed Panda over to me and I was so honored and thrilled!  “Oh!  You’re going to let momma sleep with Panda?!”

“Uh huh!” he said.  “Momma sleep good!”  Then he turned out the light and shut the door for me, LOL.

Later, when it was almost time for me to wake up, he and daddy came downstairs to play air hockey, and I sort of woke up when I heard them come down.  Then the bedroom door opened and I felt him crawl up onto the bed.  He kissed me on the cheek, whispered, “Good Momma!” and crawled back off, left the room, and shut the door again.

Just too freakin’ adorable!!!

I seriously have the sweetest kid ever.  ❤


Kisses Make Everything Better

Last night William woke up at 2:45am and then 4:45am and then again at 5:45am.  I finally went in to his room at 5:45am and as it was just barely early enough to call it daytime I allowed him to come snuggle with daddy and I in our bed.

But as I picked him up to carry him into our room, I let him know (nicely) that I was not happy with the fact he’d woken up during the night.

“William, honey,” I said as nicely as I could manage while mostly asleep, “you really can’t wake up a million times during the night.  That makes mommy really, really, really, really sleepy when you do that and then mommy gets cranky.”

“Oooh,” he said really softly, and then he hugged me tight around the neck and gave me several kisses on the cheek.


I mean, what can you do against such sweetness??  Yep, kisses sure can make everything better!!!  I squeezed him in a hug and said, “Oh, thank you so much for the kisses, sweetheart!  That made mommy feel better!”

And indeed it did.

Although I still took a nap later in the day….




The other day I told William (as I do many times a day): “Momma loves her William James!”

He then replied with, “William love Momma ten times!”

Which is the first time he’s ever said it like that!  Amusing and adorable, for sure!

He has also started to actually say, “*I* love Momma,” which just melts my heart every time!


Questionable Colors

Originally Occurred: December 6th, 2013

We were driving home from MeeMaw’s house the other night, and as we passed by the Christmas lights strung on various houses, William pointed them out and said, “Look Mama!  Christmas lights!  Beautiful!”

He would also sometimes tell me what colors they were.  Of course there were many red and green lights, so he would say, “Red means stop, green means go!”

Then we passed by some that were purple and blue, and he said, “Look Mama!  Purple!”  After I acknowledged that he was correct, there was a lengthy pause, and then he said, “Uh… William no know what purple do!”


I said, “You don’t know what purple does?”


“I think purple is just to look pretty.”

“Oh, uh huh!  Purple is pretty!”

…So funny.  What a cutie, thinking all colors had some kind of purpose (which I guess… a lot of them do!)

Many Ways Around Bedtime

So we have a nightly routine going where I tell William there are about ten minutes left until we have to get ready for bed.

William then replies with, “Nooooo.  No bedtime!”

Then I say, “Well, you don’t have to go to sleep, but we need to lay in bed and rest.  Okay?”

And then he says, “Okay.”  And then of course he ends up falling asleep.

BUT lately, he has figured this pattern out, and then he would SIT in the bed and “rest” until he eventually became tired and fell asleep.

Tonight, after doing this little routine, after I mentioned he could just sit in the bed and rest if he wanted, he says, “Nooooo.  William no go to bed.”  He gets out of the armchair and comes over to stand next to me.  “William no sit, William no rest, William no go to bed.  William stand!  William stand like this!”

Clever… very clever… LOL.