Where in the World is… Auntie Molly!?

One of my sisters and William’s Auntie, Molly, has been back in the States to visit the past month.  She has been staying over at our mother’s house (MeeMaw’s).  However, a few days ago, her and her Chilean boyfriend Pin went out of town to visit other family.

A few days ago William and I were once again at MeeMaw’s house, and William wanted to “check and see if Auntie Molly was there”.  I told him I thought she was gone, but we should go look in her room anyway.

We walked upstairs and looked in her room, but she wasn’t there.

“Uh oh,” I said, “looks like Auntie Molly is gone right now.  But don’t worry, she’ll be back soon!”

To which William replied, “Uh, maybe in Chile.  His name is Pin.”

HAH!  I was so surprised by this statement it took me a minute to realize what he had said!  But once again, he proves how observant he is!  He knows where that Auntie Molly is, lol.


Catch Those Zzzzz’s ….

The other day, William was at MeeMaw’s house, playing with his magnetic white board.

He took out the bag of letter and number magnets and was organizing them on the board according to either letter or number category.

At one point he found a Z and became very excited, bringing it over to show me.

“Momma!  Look, a Z!” he said.

“Oh yes, a Z!” I agreed.  “Do you know what starts with Z?”

“ZEBRA!” he answered enthusiastically.

“That’s right!” I said.  “You are so smart!”

“Aaaannnnnd,” he continued, “when William go to sleep, Zs come out of his mouth!”  He put the Z magnet up to his lips and made it arch out up into the air to illustrate.

“Oh yes, that does happen sometimes!” I said, and tried very hard not to laugh. 😉  How hilarious!