Leaving MeeMaw’s house this evening, William observed the moon and pointed it out to me. I pointed out that it looked like a smiley face tonight. He thought that was amusing, and as we drove away from MeeMaw’s house, he observed that the moon was “following” him, as he often does.

This prompted the start of a discussion between Daddy and Mommy about coalescence and molten cores and the spheroid shape of celestial bodies, lol. As we were talking about this, we started getting a little excited and our voices began to get louder and louder.

Suddenly, from the back seat, William says, “Listen, listen! Calm down, calm down.”

When we had fallen silent and were attempting to wrestle our snickers under control, William continues, “What you guys talking about? Supposed to be a big moon or what?”

OMG. Couldn’t believe it! The fact he connected the discussion back to the moon is awesome!


What Does the Cat Say?

A few weeks ago, William and I entered my bedroom to find one of our cats, Ping Pong, fast asleep on the bed.

Now, William loves all of our animals, but not all of them love him back. Ping Pong, unfortunately, doesn’t care for him much. She runs for her life almost every time he even takes a step in her direction.

But this day, she was too asleep to notice his approach.

He was delighted, however, to see her sleeping so peacefully. He pointed at her and exclaimed, “Oh, Ping Pong! Ping Pong sleeping! William want to pet Ping Pong!” So he promptly makes his way over to her.

“Be gentle,” I reminded him, since sometimes he gets overzealous and pats them rather brusquely.

But this time he approached her slowly and quietly, and very gently began petting her on her head.

Of course she woke up at his touch, and gave him a dirty look when she realized who it was, lol. Although to my surprise she did not immediately run. As he continued to pet her, she meowed, quite loudly, in complaint.

William just laughed and said, “Kitty say, ‘Hey! I trying to sleep!'”

PAHAH! I told him that is very likely exactly what she had said.  😉