Something’s Lost and Must Be Found!

Several weeks back I forgot to replace my work phone’s headset on it’s charger, and so the next morning as I was scrambling to find it, I couldn’t remember where I had put it!

William noticed me frantically looking around all over the house and asked me what I was looking for.  I told him I was trying to find my work phone’s headset and that I couldn’t remember where it was, but that I needed it very soon for work.

He immediately began to help me search, and as the minutes wore on and I became increasingly more frustrated, he says, very calmly and in a very good imitation of what I must sound like to him when he can’t find his toy: “Don’t worry, Momma. Gotta be around here somewhere!”

So sweet!!! And as it turns out, we found it shortly after!  What a helpful little guy!