Natural Explorer

This past weekend it was 100 degrees Fahrenheit with at least 90% humidity.

I wanted to take William somewhere fun outdoors, but in the morning, before the temp crawled higher than 80.

Well, things didn’t really go according to plan, and the day had definitely heated up before we were even remotely ready to leave the house.  Having already mentioned several outdoor options, one of which was Powell Gardens, I made the alternative suggestion of having a family movie day.

Nope, William still wanted to go to Powell Gardens!  In fact, he was soooo excited about it, he talked about it all day.

“But it’s so hot!” I told him.  “And we could get popcorn and bubbles (aka soda, in the form of Sprite) at the movie!”

Not even the bribe could dissuade him.  Powell Gardens it would be.

Later, after sweating buckets for a few hours under the scorching sun, but surrounded by trees and bronze animal sculptures and a million flowers of every color, meandering down rows of veggies and fruits, and then watching him squeal and laugh as he ran through the splash pad fountain, I thought, “Wow.  My kid would rather be outside playing and sweating than go to a movie in the A/C and sit on his butt!”

Gave me a strange sense of maternal pride, that one! 

And in the end the outdoor adventure, while very hot, was most definitely more fun than any movie.




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