What Wrestlers Do

William likes to pillow fight with Daddy and wrestle on our bed with me.

Alas, whilst wrestling I just can’t resist giving him kisses. I mean, if I “tackle” him and have him there in my arms, how can I not take a few seconds to shower him with kisses?

This past weekend we were having one such wrestling match and he was really getting fed up with all my kisses. “Stop kissing!” he yelled.

“I’m sorry I just can’t help it,” I said. “I just love you so much!”

He looks at me very seriously and says, “Look, when wrestlers wrestle, do they kiss?”

I smothered my laugh and said back, “Well, no.”

He threw up an arm in exasperation and said, “So┬áno kissing!”

I then promised I would do my best to stop kissing him at every opportunity, LOL. His reasoning was especially funny though because he’s never actually watched any wrestling, so I’m not entirely sure how he knew there was no kissing in wrestling. Hrmmm …