I am a mother and a wife (among many other things), but I am also a writer.  As such, everyday occurrences have a habit of lodging in my brain for later use as possible story ideas.  Despite having been a mother for several years now, I could just never quite get my head around children’s stories.  Until one day, rather recently and unexpectedly (though you’d think it should have been obvious!), it struck me:

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Wear Pants.

My son is that boy.  Not only does he despise pants, but also shorts and shirts and socks and shoes and in general anything that might cover his skin in any way.

But, while I work on whipping that idea into a presentable and submittable children’s story (and work on getting some article of clothing on my child!), I decided to go ahead and share the other daily stories of hilarity that follow with being parent to a small child.  The family’s been hearing these ever since he began to talk, but I know there are many others out there who might enjoy these little tales, and identify, and maybe even want to share their own.

At the very least, they’re good for a chuckle now and then!

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading as much as I’ve enjoyed being mother to this little rascal, and may each and every one of you always hang on to your childhood sense of wonder!

Mommy to The Boy Who Wouldn’t Wear Pants


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